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Price categories

We offer floors in all price categories. Our range of floors is extensive and includes different types of finishes. The price depends on the type of floor, wood floor or ParquetVinyl, the thickness of the top layer with a parquet floor, the dimensions of the plank, the type of parquet floor (multi-layered or solid),… When you for example choose a parquet floor with a top layer of 2.5 mm, you obviously pay less than for a parquet floor with a top layer of 3 or 4 mm. With a less thick top layer, the floor can only be sanded once.

Budget collections

The budget floors include the following collections:


Oslo 150, Oslo 190, Barn, Matisse and Toulouse


Garonne, Victoria, Lugano, Colorado , Amazon , Caldera  and  Sava

Our top selection of budget floors

Are you curious about the most sold budget floors?

Garonne Latte

ParquetVinyl Garonne emphasises the effect of natural planks the most.

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