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With the right choice for your bathroom

Floors in a bathroom, it’s still a difficult choice. The floor must not only be easy in use, it must cope well with water and still be attractive on top. This is why ParquetVinyl is often chosen as the floor. But why exactly?


The biggest advantage straight away. Our ParquetVinyl floors are 100% water-resistant. The bath that overflows, a child spilling a lot of water, a wet towel still on the floor …? And so on. A floor in the bathroom must obviously be able to take a splash.

Easy to maintain

A bathroom is one of the spaces that has to be cleaned thoroughly and particularly often. Because ParquetVinyl is water-resistant you can clean this floor easily and thoroughly. Always a hygienic and tidy bathroom. What more could you want?

NOTE: Any damage to your parquet floor as a result of water will not be covered by our guarantee. It is therefore recommended to not use parquet in the bathroom or kitchen in certain areas such as the cooking part or dishwashing part. ParquetVinyl floors are 100% water-resistant and may be installed in damp spaces.

Our top selection of floors for your bathroom

Are you curious about the most sold floors for your bathroom?

Barn Natural

Barn Natural

Barn is a pronounced rustic oak flooring.


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