Lamett Parquetvinyl Onderhoud


ParquetVinyl has all the benefits of vinyl. In other words, spills are not a problem: a coffee spill can be removed in an instant. That is because the floor is water-resistant. Wet feet, a drooling pet, incredibly enthusiastic children, a party? Just let life go on! Your floor will be clean again in no time.

  • water-resistant, does not expand

  • easy to maintain

  • spills are not a problem


Maintenance of ParquetVinyl is child’s play.

To remove dust, sand and dirt, you can use a vacuum cleaner or brush. For a more thorough clean, you can mop with plenty of water, because ParquetVinyl is 100% water resistant. Preferably, use Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaner

It’s clear: with ParquetVinyl, you have no more worries about the maintenance of your floor and you save time: time that you can use for the things that really matter in life.

Maintenance instructions ParquetVinyl