There is no better designer than nature: each individual oak is unique in terms of design, colour and beauty.


The look of wood,
the ease of vinyl


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Find the right floor for any space in your home. From bathroom to bedroom.


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We have the right floor in any price class with the different finishes and parquet floor types.

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Rustic or a more clean-lined floor? Discover the different wood selections here.

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The most popular parquet floors

Are you curious about our most popular parquet floors?

Barn Natural

Barn Natural

Barn is a pronounced rustic oak flooring.



Tip from Isabel, Sales Manager at Lamett

The combination of materials makes the floor. So always bring pieces of other materials along with you when you are going to choose a floor.

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Making a choice is sometimes easier when you can unashamedly take a look inside someone else’s home. That’s why we regularly send our in-house photographer Hanne on her rounds. Armed with her sunny smile and her favourite camera, she visits our nicest homes and achievements across Europe.

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