lamett HQ


Lamett Europe NV was founded in 2005 by Bruno Descamps and is producer and distributor of wood flooring & Parquetvinyl. The company has in less than 15 years, become one of the most important players of the wood market in Europe. Parquetvinyl was added to the range at the end of 2017: a rigid luxury vinyl floor that is suitable for any space.

Lamett in Europe

Meanwhile there are some 250 employees currently working in Europe, but the heart of the company is located in Deerlijk, West Flanders. Where about 20.000 orders are dispatched. The Lamett range varies from low-budget floors to highly sophisticated parquet floor.

Lamett, craftmanship with the noblest of wood

Watch the video and discover how our parquet floors are made. From tree to finished product.

Our promises



You only buy a good floor once or twice in your life. We guarantee you that a Lamett floor meets all the quality requirements. And no less than that. If your floor is laid correctly the likelihood of encountering problems is extremely small. But wood is a living product, and a lot is involved with the manufacture of parquet floor. A quality problem is unlikely, but nevertheless possible. In that case you can always call upon our guarantee.

See the guarantee conditions.



Everything starts with a strong product, but as a customer you also obviously want a strong service. You don’t want to be left to fate, you want to be helped. That is our second promise: we are on standby for you, from the purchase to long afterwards.
We are not just there to take your order and deliver as soon as possible. You can also count on us should there be an unexpected problem with your floor. We will then send Luc, our technical advisor, to come and take a close look at your floor in situ. And he’s bound to come up with the perfect solution. Don’t hesitate to call us if something doesn’t seem to be as it should with your floor.



You want an attractively finished, strong floor to enjoy for many years to come. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And that’s why we put all our efforts into ensuring quality. That is our first promise: you get quality here.

We don’t choose our collections just because they happen to be in fashion. We decide based on experience and product knowledge. We carefully select and carry out full testing before we put a product on the market. We can do this because it is not our ambition to be the least expensive on the market. It is our ambition to be the best.