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Less is more in a modern or minimalist interior style

A modern interior is characterised by the tight lines and materials. Then this interior style radiates serenity This is a deliberate choice for people living a minimalistic or modern lifestyle.

Nowadays we live in an extremely hectic information society, and arriving home we want to be met by a quiet, uncluttered space. Getting rid of knickknacks and other things we don’t need gives a home oxygen.

Colours, prints and materials

Neutral colours such as black, grey and white are combined with vivid colours in design furniture. You will often see glass, seamless floors, concrete and high gloss finishes. Fitted cabinets, open spaces, design furniture or furniture made to requirements are also often seen.

Less is more, this interior is open and spacious with the living room combined with the kitchen, dining room and living room. Using large windows and skylights also adds much natural light with this style.

Floors that match a modern interior

Are you curious about the most sold floors?

Living Farm Pure

Farm Pure

This parquet looks very rustic with many knots and cracks.

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